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Ain't no party like a Giraffe Shed party!

Updated: Jan 25

A newly wed couple during their first dance as confetti falls from the roof of the wedding venue, The Giraffe Shed in Wales

A party of legendary proportions

Strap in and ditch the formal wear, because Ruth & Aiden's Giraffe Shed wedding was a no-holds-barred celebration that redefined "wedding goals." It's high time to bid farewell to those outdated ideas about marital happiness - these two rocked the barn like nobody before them!

The Giraffe Shed, ladies and gentleman.

Imagine a place where rustic charm meets cool as f*ck on a whole new scale, and you've got The Giraffe Shed. Nestled in the heart of Wales this one-of-a-kind wedding venue isn't just a venue; it's THE venue - a barn turned party palace where Han & Neil reign as the ultimate, unmatchable hosts. And let's be real, any spot that feels like home is a spot where only the best damn memories are a guarantee!

The bride and groom celebrating their first drink after their wedding ceremony at The Giraffe Shed

Clients to partners in crime

Ruth & Aiden's wedding wasn't just a gig for me - it was the start of a friendship that I reckon will outlast the heaviest of hangovers. These two didn't just say "I do" they said "Let's f*ckin' do this" and we all dove headfirst into a celebration that was one part love festival, two parts dance marathon, and a thousand parts unforgettable. I mean, we become such good pals a few months after their wedding they let me sofa dive at their house and we indulged in the tastiest of dominos.

An unexpected viral sensation

The first dance, a moment often steeped in tradition was of course, anything but typical for these two. Blinding Lights by The Weeknd echoed through The Giraffe Shed as Ruth & Aiden took to the dance floor. Funnily enough this was a moment they had dreaded, all eyes on them, the moment they very nearly decided against during planning. Unbeknown to them, that once-feared moment became something many of us could never forget. Because when all the crowd goes wild, confetti glowing with a pink hue rains from the rooftops, right when The Weeknd hits that perfect drop... Well that unforgettable first dance moment ironically becomes a viral video after only a few hours of being posted to instagram - racking up over 1 million views within a day!

The not-so-secret recipe for an epic wedding party

Take an extra large portion of confetti, more slices of pizza than you can handle, and a crowd that's ready to get going, and you've got the wild concoction that was Ruth & Aiden's wedding day. No DJ required, just a killer playlist curated by the recommendations of all the wedding guests that had us all channeling our inner dance gods until our feet begged for mercy. Special mention to the cardboard effigy of a beloved guest who couldn't make it but carefully watched over the Spotify playlist, you were the real her

Emotion packed punches and tears of joy

Don't let the party vibes fool you - this wedding had a whole lotta' heart. I lost count of the teary eyes during the speeches and the ceremony. Aiden, during his speech managed to both lift the room with gratitude for their incredible wedding suppliers and then drench it in emotion, leaving not a single dry eye or empty stomach in the house. It was like emotional whiplash, from belly laughs to heartfelt sobs, all wrapped up in a pink-hued, fun-fuelled package of pure joy.

Portrait of the newly weds at their alternative wedding venue in Wales

By Lillian West

And let's talk about Ruth's wedding dress for a damn second?! Courtesy of Lillian West. It was a boho-chic masterpiece that married lacy elegance with a free-spirited flair. An alternative wedding gown for an unconventional wedding that was paired effortlessly with her elegant, short bridal veil.

Group shots gone wild

Man, forget what you think you know about wedding photos and especially group shots because for me, these usually get outta' hand. We quite literally had Aiden hitting the roof, a runway Madonna wouldn't even know where to start with and some action on the cat-walk that would make even Vogue editors double-take. This wasn't just photography; this was refined and unapologetic chaos set to the soundtrack of RnB classics and of course, Darudes "Sandstorm."

A flash photograph of the bride and groom posing under their disco ball decorations at The Giraffe Shed

Neon lights and disco lights

As the night descended into a blissful blur, we found ourselves beneath the glow of disco balls and neon signs. By this point here shoutouts are due: My man Rhys, for ensuring our shot glasses were never empty. Aiden's dad, for proving that the '80s never really died - they just wait for the right wedding to come back in full force, and last but absolutely not least, red wine Reese for coming out of retirement for one final binge!

A cool as f*ck wedding masterclass

Every element of this wedding was meticulously curated to reflect Ruth & Aiden's unique, ever loving spirit. From the wild group shots that would make a traditional wedding photographers head spin to the neon glow illuminated The Giraffe Shed until the last second. This was a wedding that scoffed at convention and embrace the extraordinary.

Ruth & Aiden's wedding wasn't just a party; it was a masterclass in how to celebrate love the alternative way or better yet, however the f*ck you want. This here was a wedding that deserved not just a Paul Hollywood handshake but an honourable mention as one of the best weddings I've ever had the honour of photographing!

If you're ready to ditch the cookie-cutter and make your wedding a day of pure, unadulterated you-ness, then hit me up.

If you've got a heart that beats for the unconventional and a love that's too vast for a traditional box, then hit, me, up!

More special mentions

Hidden Botanics is truly one of the most exceptional sustainable and self-aware wedding florists in the UK that I've had the pleasure of collaborating with. Their natural, calming vibe is a perfect fit for alternative, laid-back couples. Be sure to check out their website, which is packed full with invaluable wedding tips for couples in their planning process!

The Wildfire Pizza Co serves up some of the finest wedding grub I've ever tasted. Their Neapolitan-style, wood-fired pizzas are absolutely perfect for festival-themed weddings and all around pizza lovers!

Your Confetti who offers up quite literally THE best confetti you could possibly buy for your wedding if you're wanting to nail that Pinterest worthy confetti shot.

Last but not least, and as already mentioned many times, The Giraffe Shed the most extraordinary alternative wedding venue in the UK, catering to couples who aren't afraid to break the damn rules. It's an absolute gem for alternative couples and rule-breakers alike!"

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