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A Chic, Nomadic Elopement in the heart of the Marrakech

Updated: Mar 1

A couple cuddling in the streets of Marrakech near the Madina

Front row seats to a Moroccan masterpiece.

Fasten those seatbelts, all you nomadic romantics – it's time for a wild ride to the mesmerising enchantment of Marrakech, where Rebecca Carpenter (RC Workshop) orchestrated a workshop that was nothing short of legendary. Witness an elopement unravel in a fashion that would make Princess Jasmine proud, blending the mystique of the Arabian Nights with a dash of modern romance and an overdose of flair. This isn't just a workshop; it's a front-row ticket to a show where every moment is a masterpiece draped in style and inspiration of what could be!

The calm before the beautifully orchestrated storm

In the serene embrace of Riad Yasmine, the day began with an air of tranquility. This wasn't your run-of-the-mill frantic wedding morning; oh no, this was the chill before the beautifully orchestrated chaos. With the Medina awakening, the sun teasing the narrow streets, and the town stirring to life, the couple savoured the quiet, lost in each other and the magic of getting ready together.

The stalls of the Madina opening in the morning amidst the morning sunshine

The iconic, winding streets of Marrakech

The Medina – oh, the Medina! Imagine a labyrinth where every turn is a story, every doorway an invitation to another world. We ventured out, Lisa and Paul hand in hand, as the sun spilled golden light over the cobblestones. The murmur of the awakening city was our soundtrack as we passed the iconic carpet shops, where the scents of spices and fresh bread mingled in the air. Each photo captured was not just a moment, but a piece of Marrakech itself – the doorways, the arches, the soul of the city engraved in stone and dust.

Meanwhile, back at Le Riad Yasmine...

Back at the Riad, the dream team of stylists and planners weaved their magic. The space transformed, marrying Moroccan tradition with chic sophistication. Table settings bloomed amidst the emerald oasis of the Riad's interior, and the wedding details – oh, they were a love letter to Morocco. The invitations, the florals, and that dress – Jean Jackson Couture outdid themselves, crafting a masterpiece that turned the heads of locals and left an imprint on the heart.

A couple eloping in Marrakech having portraits around the Madina by their destination wedding photographer

A place that demands to be felt, not just seen

As the midday sun claimed its throne, we took to the streets, the Medina a stage for Lisa and Paul's love story. The dress, a vision in purple and blush, danced in the pockets of light that seemed to play hide and seek with us. The chaos around us – bikes whizzing by, locals offering blessings, the vibrant tapestry of shop fronts – all of it fell away as Lisa and Paul moved through the world as if it was theirs alone. This is the magic of Marrakech, a place that demands to be felt, not just seen.

Silk emerald kimono and golden bangles

Navigating back to our sanctuary, Riad Yasmine, was a tale in itself (cheers, Google Maps!). The couple, now adorned in evening attire, were a sight to behold. Lisa, draped in a silk emerald kimono, her red dress a striking contrast, was accessorised to the nines; Paul, his ensemble of silky brown, the perfect complement. They dined, they laughed, they absorbed the tranquility, a rare luxury on such a day.

Newly wed portraits on the rooftop during golden hour at their elopement in Marrakech

The closing scene to this modern romance

As the evening hugged us close, we ascended to the rooftop. The sunset was not just a celestial event but a performer, painting the sky with hues that whispered tales of the Sahara. The air carried the scent of the night's feasts and the melodic call to prayer. It was a wrap to an unforgettable day, a moment that felt like the closing scene of an epic love story.

Here's to the lovers and the MVP's

To the incredible suppliers, the unseen magicians behind the scenes, we owe a universe of thanks. Y’all are the real MVPs, the kind of talent that not even the toughest critics on Rotten Tomatoes could snub. They'd have to break their own damn scale, because y’all smashed this past a clean 100% score!

The wedding suppliers for you nomadic romantics

Now look, if you've journeyed with us this far, you can't just stop here! Dive into the treasure trove below, where the list of suppliers is unmissable. And trust me, if you've got your own crazy love saga in the making, these here are the folks you want right there with you, including ya’ boy here writing this!

The orchestras, the brains behind the operations.

For all you wedding photographers reading... If y'all are ready to level up your game as a destination wedding photographer, Rebecca at The RC Education is the educator you need to be looking at. Renowned as one of the UK's finest in the field, she orchestrates workshops like this to immerse you in the real-life rollercoaster of destination weddings – from the thrilling stress to the breathtaking magic that keeps us all hooked.

Looking for the ultimate dream team to make your Moroccan elopement a Pinterest-perfect reality? Look no further than Party Maroc + La Perle Events! With an unbeatable blend of talent, passion, and precision, they'll turn your wildest wedding fantasies into flawless, stress-free moments. From stunning tablescapes to seamless schedules, they live and breathe Moroccan elopements, ensuring every detail is beyond magical and every moment is pure bliss for you and your other half!

For all you wedding photographers tuning in! Allow me to introduce Sophie Cooke, the virtual assistant so in-demand that us mere mortals can only dream of snagging her for ourselves. As Rebecca's right-hand gal, Sophie played a pivotal role in orchestrating this sensational shoot, ensuring everything ran like clockwork with her unmatched expertise and efficiency. She's that secret weapon we all need but can't get out bloody hands on, maybe one day!

Look no further, from bridal wear to stationery!

Leigh Irving Makeup is a top-tier addition to my personal list of go-to suppliers, and honestly, I'll rave about Leigh at any chance I get. Not only is she an absolute pro at her craft, but she's also the life of the party, infusing your morning with nothing but good vibes, laughter, and a comforting atmosphere. So, if you're seeking someone who not only slays the makeup game but also brings a whole lot of fun to the table, look no further!

Let's talk Jean Jackson Couture, a standout gem on my personal list of top suppliers! Beck's, the genius behind this Manchester-based bridal haven, is an absolute must-know if you're on the hunt for your dream wedding dress. Her styling prowess is off the charts, as evidenced by her impeccable work on this shoot. From pairing venues to coordinating colours and destinations, she's a master of the craft. And let me tell you, the bridal wear selection? Absolutely mind-blowing, featuring jaw-dropping pieces from the likes of Rue De Seine Bridal and beyond. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on what Jean Jackson Couture has to offer!

Shoutout to Ink and Paper for supplying the stunning stationery that made those flat lays pop! Just like Jean Jackson Couture does with dresses, Ink and Paper, based in London, crafts exquisite wedding stationery tailored to match the vibe and destination of your big day. Whether you're planning a grand wedding or an intimate elopement, they've got you covered with designs that speak volumes about your style and personality.

Plus, even more Morocco based suppliers...

The Bloom Room, Marrakech's most sensational wedding florist, who collaborated closely with the planners and stylists to take the already breathtaking Riad Yasmine to jaw-dropping new heights, creating an enchanting sanctuary where Paul and Lisa's love story truly blossomed. From elevating the tablescapes to adding flair to the cake and flat lays, their floral mastery set the stage for an unforgettable celebration.

Big shoutout to Chabi Chic, the go-to for stunning decor and rentals that add that extra flair to weddings and elopements all over Marrakech! Collaborating closely with our planners and stylists, they've once again knocked it out of the park, transforming our sanctuary, Le Riad Yasmine, into an absolute dream with their beautifully laid table.

Behold Le Riad Yasmine, our oasis amidst the vibrant labyrinth of Marrakech's streets, serving as the epicentre of this breathtaking elopement in the heart of Morocco! During our stay here, every moment felt like a dream, thanks to the unbelievably accommodating staff who ensured seamless perfection from start to finish. This haven is not just a venue; it's a sanctuary tailor-made for intimate celebrations, offering the ideal backdrop for all you nomads planning your unforgettable elopement in Marrakech!

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