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How to plan a wedding in Barcelona - 8 questions answered

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Prepare yourselves for the best weekend of your lives

Barcelona is hands down the best place to get married in Europe. That city is fucking amazing. You’ve got everything. Mountains, beaches, vineyards, villas. You’ve got actual castles. You’ve got romantic little restaurants for your couple friends. And for your single friends, beach parties, off-the-hook clubs, spicy señoritas and olive-skinned hunks. Whoever you invite, a wedding in Barcelona will be one of the best weekends of their lives.

And when everyone’s bundled their crippling hangovers onto the plane, you can stick around and have one hell of a holiday in one of the coolest, most romantic cities in Europe.

But having a wedding in Barcelona ain’t all as straightforward as just catching a flight and hoping for the best. You’ve got questions.

Luckily for you, I have answers…

1. When’s the best time of year to get married in Barcelona?

8 questions answered that will help you plan a wedding in Barcelona

Mate, get a calendar and throw a dart.

The weather in Barcelona is awesome. Their wettest months are drier than our driest months (did that make sense?) Basically it hardly ever fucking rains and it doesn’t get cold.

I’d avoid August, just because it can get ridiculously hot. Like, ‘puddles of sweat at the altar’, hot. But aside from that, any time between May and October is perfect.

Obviously some months are better than others, and off-peak months are cheaper for pretty much everything wedding-related, so check out their weather and see what you fancy. But even in the winter it’s around 17 degrees with fuck all rain, so you can’t really go wrong.

2. Can you get legally married in Barcelona?

Potentially, yes. If one of you is Spanish or has lived in Spain for two years, you can legally get married in Barcelona. But even if you technically can, it doesn’t mean you necessarily should.

Why? Well firstly because jumping through all those admin hoops would be a fucking nightmare. And it’ll be a helluva lot easier to just nip into a registry office and say your “I do’s” before you leave.

And secondly because if your ceremony is purely symbolic, you can have exactly the kinda ceremony you want. Wherever you want, whenever you want, held by whoever you want. And I know you crazy kids have got crazy plans. So having that freedom to do whatever the fuck you want is a pretty big bonus.

Fun group shots taken by a Barcelona wedding photographer

3. What are the best wedding venues in Barcelona?

Alternative Barcelona wedding venue for a big party

It all depends on the kinda wedding and the kinda vibe you’re after. There are an absolute shitload of wedding venues in Barca, and I ain’t gonna go through all of ‘em. But lemme give you a few options to cover the bases.

Ca l'Iborra is unbelievably beautiful. The architecture, the decor, the charm, it’s a total vibe. And with its views over the sea whilst being just a stones throw away from the surrounding gardens blended beautifully with the forest, you’ve got hella photo opps on your doorstep.

Casa Felix is just sensational. two pools, three patios and enough rooms to keep your nearest and dearests on site. It's the place for that all in one wedding holiday with the best fucking views around! It's looking over the hills and the vineyards, it's a wedding by day and fairy lit pool party by night.

Castell De Sant Marsal is unreal. I mean…it’s a fucking castle. There are actually a lot of wedding castles around Barcelona, but this is by far the best “fuck me, that’s an actual castle” castle I’ve seen.

This Must Be The Place is possibly the best wedding venue in Barcelona. The centuries-old farmhouse has been restored to untold levels of rustic cool by a husband-and-wife festival planner and film producer super team. ‘Rustic charm, with a sprinkle of rock ‘n’ roll’, as they put it. The views are insane, the sunsets are stunning. I don’t wanna sway your judgement, but this place is off the hook.

4. How much is a wedding in Barcelona going to cost us?

I’ll be honest, there are cheaper places in Europe to have a destination wedding. But c’mon, it’s Barcelona, not Barrow. You ain’t getting married there because it’s cheap.

But in fairness, a Barcelona wedding doesn’t have to be stupid expensive either. If you’re having a symbolic ceremony with 20 people, you can hire a villa for the weekend and it’ll cost you around £6,000, plus styling and food and shit, which isn’t too different to the UK. Hire a massive fuck-off venue for a hundred people and you’re looking at selling a kidney.

Basically, how long’s a piece of string? It doesn’t have to cost a bomb if you don’t want it to. But you ain’t gonna get any juicy destination wedding discounts in Barca (like you would in Eastern Europe, say).

5. Should we bother having a couple’s photoshoot while we’re there?

Yes. Fuck yes.

Barcelona is an absolute goldmine for photography, and one awesome city to explore as a couple. And there ain’t no way you’re gonna make the most of the experience in just one day. So yes, 1000%, go exploring with your ‘tog, have a couple’s shoot and thank me later.

As with all couple’s photoshoots in big cities, you wanna get up before all the lazy fuckers get outta bed. And when you’re up at that time in Barcelona, there’s only one place to go. The Gothic Quarter.

Lemme tell you, The Gothic Quarter is one beautiful, epic place to have all to yourselves. The cool architecture, the sound of your footsteps echoing through the stone arches and alleyways, the creepy-as-fuck gargoyles looking down at you from the walls…it’s a completely awesome experience and well-worth the early alarm.

But if there ain’t no way one or both of you is getting up for sunrise, the beach at night is insane, too. The lights from the city dance across the inky waves, the sound of music drifting across the sand from the bars. It’s pretty special. In fact, the whole city is pretty special.

6. Do I need a destination wedding planner?

Having a destination wedding planner is like having flip-flops on hot sand. You don’t technically need them, but it’ll be a helluva lot easier and less painful if you’ve got them with you.

If you’re looking for the perfect venue for the kinda day you want, a planner will name it in a heartbeat. Wanna know the best local suppliers to bring your vision to life? A planner will know them by name (and know who looks good on Insta but is actually useless). Want someone there on the day, taking care of everything and taking names if shit goes sideways? A decent planner will be all over it.

Yeah, you pay money for the service. And if you’re really stretched with your budget, you could probably do it yourself. But it’ll be less stress and hassle if you pay someone to help. With destination weddings especially, planners are worth their weight in gold.

7. How do we make the most of our time in Barcelona?

Look, you’ve dragged all your nearest and dearest across the world to celebrate with you. You don’t wanna just wake ‘em all up and send them packing the next day. Make the most of having everyone in one place, spend some quality time together and turn it into an experience.

If you’ve got a private villa for the wedding, it’s easy. Nice brunch the next day, followed by a pool party with a BBQ and drinks. Sorted. You could even get a DJ for the evening if you feel like having ‘wedding party 2.0.’

But if you’re all staying in the city centre, you’ve gotta think outside the box a bit. Maybe you could have a BBQ at the beach, or book everyone to go paragliding? Or if you’re hair o’ the dog kinda people, you could book everyone on to a wine tasting tour the next day. I mean it’s a massive city with mountains on one side, a beach on the other and wineries everywhere. I ain’t gonna hold your hand, use your imagination.

And once everyone’s gone home, stick around and have a little holiday by yourselves. After two or three days of attention and excitement you’ll love a few days to explore the city together. It’s an incredible city, make memories and make it your bitch.

8. Who’s the best wedding photographer in Barcelona?

‘Best’ is an ugly word and I don’t like to brag. Get in touch and let’s talk about it.

Just playin’ wit’ ya. Choosing a destination wedding photographer is all about finding someone you want to share the adventure with. Someone who’ll keep up with you glass for glass of sangria and still be up at sunrise the next day. Someone who’ll jump in feet first, give you the most incredible experience and tell the story of your batshit crazy adventure the way you’ve always wanted it to be told.

If you think that photographer might be me, get in touch today and let’s find out if we’re gonna get along. And if not? No drama. But if we hit it off, count me in for everything. I love Barcelona and I can’t fucking wait to go back!

A cute couple walking on the beach in Barcelona the day before their wedding

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