What's up!

hi, i'm hash!

This here is the face you'll catch busting out moves after dark, stealing ya' pastries & making sure you're both having the best bloody time!

I'm 25, despite looking 35 (tough paper round).

I spend 60% of my time procrastinating in cafes - editing beautiful galleries & the other 40% distracting others from the camera that's in their face!

The live music scene in & around Sheffield was pretty much where I started out. I mean, before that I bugged the hell out of my mates & plastered them all over tumblr as us young 'ens did in the early 2000's. Soon after, I got working with a magazine & before I knew it I was covering festivals & bands across the UK. Only took a few red stripes & a couple o' boots to the noggin' to knock some sense into me!

Fast forward to 2018, two of my good ol' friends getting hitched & letting me tell the story through my old beer soaked camera. It was there I found the love for what I now do; having couples trust my unique style of direction to create & capture only the most beautiful, emotive moments.

what about my style?!

I think it's important to mention my style isn't necessarily for everyone & honestly that's cool! The thing is, finding that right photographer for you couldn't be more important so it's crucial that we work out if we're gonna' be a good fit for each other!


All you carefree, fun loving, nontraditional folk who like the look of that raw intimate/alternative twist on your wedding day?


You folk that absolutely dread being in front of a camera? Hate to say it again...


I'm a super laid back guy so I mean, the thought of awkwardly posing you guys when all you wanna' do is have fun, well that just ain't for me! Instead - you'll see the way I scrap the generic posing & direct you through those natural movements that scream the truest emotions!

Your wedding day will come & go so fast - the flowers wilt, the cake will be eaten but your photos? Well, they last a lifetime & when we work together I'll create you a natural, emotive story to look back on!

what they


"He made the whole experience so comfortable & fun, the photos never felt overly posed/forced which made the experience chilled & made us feel less anxious about the whole thing as we'd never done anything like this before."

- danny & eve

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