What's up guys!

First of all if you're reading this, I appreciate you taking the time to be here

I'm Hash, a Sheffield based Wedding Photographer covering all areas across my home of Yorkshire, the UK & wherever else you'll have me. 

End game? carry on drinking an uncontrollable amount of coffee, bare witness to the wonders the world has to show & of course turn this passion of mine into my career, I mean ain't that what we all want?! 


To be completely honest so I don't waste anyones time, It's super SUPER important that you hire the right photographer for your needs, theres thousands of us out there & with that being said I can safely admit I'm not necessarily the right photographer for everyone who enquires, it's crucial we work out if we're going to be a good fit for each other!

I've come to realise that clients that are a great fit with myself tend to do things a little differently:

You fun loving, creative, alternative, eco-friendly fanatics who look for that darker twist on your wedding day? we work! 


You folk that are maybe not all too comfortable in front of a camera, prefer some direction over the typical posing & are after a somewhat relaxed approach to feel comfortable? hate to say it again but.. we work! 

I work with a more cinematic 'in the moment' sorta' vibe, capturing those natural moments we all want to see our final galleries packed with, the moments that remind you of all the little gems you're less likely to remember as the years start inevitably catching us up!

As you may have seen from my gallery already, my style isn't by any means the typical, bright & colourful way some of you may be after but even so, I'd still be happy to help & throw some recommendations your way of some of the local talent I've had the pleasure of working with that might best suit you!