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yO, i'm hash!

Believe it or not, I never thought I'd have fallen into weddings, I mean for me, a good few years ago it was all about photographing gigs, festivals, them drunken nights away and jus' enjoying life. The thing I always doubted myself on was the fact that in reality, I jus' ain't a very 'formal' person and I never wanted to spend my time being something I wasn't y'know?


But honestly, I think knowing that explains a lot about my style. Because the way y'all feel when I'm with you is so important to me. And I reckon having someone who'll make sure you have the best day of your lives beats the sh*t out of 'professional' any day. Like man, I'll be the first with you on the dance floor, the first with you to the bar, the first to encourage you to do something batshit crazy. I'm into it, I'm here working with you because we get it, we want it to be real!


I'm a sociable guy, I thrive in seeing people around me just having a good f*cking time and I don't mean just smiling for some boring ass pictures. I mean really bringing out that raw energy where there ain't no awkwardness, just us, a couple of pals taking a few hundred, cool ass photos and living the dream!


And you know what? It don't matter how cool your outfits are gonna look to your kids, or if you still love the stationary you chose in fifty years time...

If you've got epic photos of you having the best f*cking day of your lives, you will always love them. And that's my thing.

what about my style?!

It's important to mention my style isn't necessarily for everyone & honestly that's cool! The thing is, finding that right photographer for you couldn't be more important, so it's crucial that we work out if we're gonna' be a good fit for each other!


All you carefree, fun loving, nontraditional folk who want badass photos of you having the best f*ckin' day of your lives and what, you wanna' look like damn rockstars in the process?


Even you folk that absolutely dread the thought of being in front of a camera? Hate to say it again but...


Look, y'all wanna' experience those banter-filled, emotional, calm-before-the-storm hours getting ready with your best mates. The first time you see each other at the ceremony, those damn butterflies in your stomachs and them ear-to-ear grins. Your first kiss, your first dance. And all the little moments too. The hand-squeezes under the table, the stolen glances, the secret sexy kisses.

That's what I'm into, that's what I see & that's your story that Ima' capture for you!

what they

"He made the whole experience so comfortable & fun, the photos never felt overly posed/forced which made the experience chilled & made us feel less anxious about the whole thing as we'd never done anything like this before."

- danny & eve

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