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A DIY alternative wedding at the cowshed, Woodhall Farm

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Love, cubans, and the story behind ‘that’ pizza shot. Who said romance can’t be an absolute blast?!

Alternative bride with pizza

What I bloody love about being an alternative wedding photographer is that I get to go to weddings like this. And I’m based in Sheffield too, and you do KNOW Northerners know how to party!

And that’s one of the many reasons why Courtney and Dom’s DIY wedding at Woodhall Farm was one of my favourite ever weddings. Party vibes all day, huge energy, packed with emotion from start to finish, and filled with non traditional wedding ideas that made the whole day uniquely theirs.

Put it this way, when Nana’s puffin’ on a cuban and flirting with the photographer...hell that’s my kinda wedding!

Straight out of the gate, the day started with a plot twist! Courtney’s wedding car broke down and it took a tiny little car to save the day and get her to the wedding! Now full credit to Courtney: this could be enough to send any bride into full Bridezilla mode, but she just laughed it off as part of the adventure. There was even a great moment later on when her and the bridesmaids got the little hero car involved in the party!

Are DIY wedding venues the way forward?!

As a DIY wedding venue, Woodhall Farm gave Courtney and Dom the freedom to make their celebration unique to them. With the party spilling out into the rustic barnyard, and a cocktail truck fuelling the joyful Irish dancing, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect venue for a non traditional reception.

If you’re after a chilled out, alternative wedding venue near Wolverhampton, The Cowshed is perfect.

And I reckon just in general for alternative weddings, DIY venues are the way forward. Because they let you have your day your way. You’re not tied into what the venue already has, you’ve got a blank canvas to make the celebration completely yours.

The how-to guide to being the most chilled bride EVER!

Plot twist two came during the couple shots. With The Courteeners, You’re Not Nineteen Forever blasting from my speaker, Courtney and Dom danced like they were at their very own festival. Truly happy and truly in love in the glow of the setting sun.

But as we set off the first (of many!) smoke grenades, sparks flew and burnt a big hole in Courtney’s dress! Honestly, I was bracing for a full on meltdown, but Courtney just laughed it off, and carried on partying. I’ve never seen anything like it! For a bride who’d had her wedding car break down and then burnt a hole in her dress, she was THE definition of chill!

Dominos and cubans

And then out came the cigars!

Mum smoked a cuban, I smoked a cuban, hell even Nana smoked a cuban!

And then out came the pizzas!

If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional sit-down meal, I tell ya what, Dominos is a winner!

When Courtney appeared in her wedding dress holding a stack of about twelve large pizzas, everyone went mental! Because who doesn’t LOVE Dominos?! Such an awesome moment I’ll never forget.

And the whole day was full of awesome moments like that. So much personality, joy and emotion throughout the whole day. And laughter! My face was hurting for days afterwards, I haven’t laughed so much in years! It was like spending a day with two close mates, I loved it.

Why I love being an alternative wedding photographer

Now I may be biased, but aren’t non traditional weddings just so much better?! And I think that’s because the kinda couple who go for a more alternative wedding kinda people! I mean if you prefer The Stones to Swift, and Doc Martens to Dulce, then when shit goes down you’re gonna see the funny side and embrace the adventure of it.

And that’s exactly what Courtney and Dom did. Because things didn’t all go exactly to plan, but they just bounced off the waves of the day and enjoyed every second of it.

And this kind of wedding definitely suits my documentary style of photography too. Because for me, it’s all about the story. And so with me as your photographer, there’ll be no ‘pose for me quickly next to your broken down car!’ I’ll just capture every crazy, romantic, awesome chapter of your story as it unfolds in its own way. Sure we’ll get group shots, but Nana needs something to frame, right?!

So if you’d love for me to tell your story as it unfolds, capture your unique love in all its twisted beauty, and maybe bust a few dance moves while no one's looking, give me a shout today and let’s do this thing!

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