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This here is the face you'll catch busting out moves after dark, stealing ya' pastries & making sure you're both having the best bloody time!


Let me say from the get go - I ain't there to awkwardly pose you guys like a fruit cake - I'm there to make sure you guys remember the realness of your day, frame those raw, authentic moments so you can always look back on them.

Alright, granted, we're gonna' need to please the folks with the group shots but that's as formal as we get, you've my word!

I'm here for the real & the carefree.

I'm here to tell the untold!




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a chat?!

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word for it!


"Hash was simply amazing. His talent and eye for an image is second to none. We couldn't have asked for a better photographer to document our day!

Everything he did came so natural, from directing me & Lauren to get the best shots, to mingling with the guests between the couple portraits all while being able to step back to capture the natural progression of the day and create an amazing gallery.

He's a guy that can talk to anyone to make them comfortable in front of the camera and that, along with his incredible attention to detail is what makes him the amazing wedding photographer he is!"


"Hash captured the whole essence of the day in such a unique, candid and stunning fashion! There's nothing but love in these photographs!

We felt so comfortable! Anyone who "doesn't do" photos/feels weird posing, this guy is an excellent director and makes everything feel organic.

I've been to weddings where the photos can feel like a bit of a drawn out chore, Hash intergrated it in to the day so well, I didn't feel like I missed out on anything, if anything it added to the fun!"


"Ridiculously talented, fun & relaxed are the first words that come to mind when describing Hash. After seeing his work through a few of our friends' weddings, it was a given that we wanted Hash as our wedding photographer!

Our couples session was everything and more than what we had hoped, dead laid back and an absolute laugh & the photos speak for themselves!

A pure genius with a camera, you can tell with every shot how passionate Hash is. We literally can't wait for our wedding day and the photos that will come with it. We know Hash will capture our day perfectly!"


"When we first started looking for wedding photographers we knew straight away we needed Hash, and after having out engagement photos we are even more certain of our choice!

He made the whole experience so comfortable & fun, the photos never felt overly posed/forced which made the experience chilled & made us feel less anxious about the whole thing as we'd never done anything like this before.

The photos are so special to us as they captured our silly selves so perfectly! We can't thank Hash for a more incredible day & for the wedding day to have the same fun/chilled vibe!"

"daniel san, must follow passion. man who work for passion always richer than man who work for money"

- mr. miyagi