Choosing the right photographer for your day couldn't be more important & IT'S Super IMPORTANT THAT WE FIGURE OUT IF WE'RE A GOOD FIT!

I can very easily admit I'm not necessarily the right photographer for everyone who enquires with me & that's absolutely ok!

Right here is where I want to break it down & give y'all some insight on how I do things before you go ahead and enquire!

Something that's always filled me with dread when I thought about photos on my wedding day is if they were overly posed, you all know the kind & that just ain't me! I mean don't get me wrong, some people love that & as with anything each to their own but personally I prefer a very natural approach where the photos are oozing with natural movement & natural feelings, we could call it a very non traditional approach & we'd be absolutely right & I think that it's such a beautiful way of story-telling.

I do what I do because I honestly love nothing more than being a part of celebrations that are just effortlessly fun & adventurous and travelling around the world telling stories of the awesome, fun-loving couples behind these celebrations is an absolute dream!


I'm talking about throwing some smoke bombs about the place, taking a drive somewhere beautiful nearby for half an hour while the sun is setting, getting all your guests to light a pathway of sparklers once the suns gone down, something special that you'll screams personality.

If you can read that & relate, let's get chatting about your wedding!