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Getting hitched? Here are 8 alternative wedding ideas you could bring to your day!

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Alright, ladies and gents! It is time for one of the most important events of your life and you gotta' make sure it’s gonna' be bloody amazing! But, somehow, the typical traditional weddings just aren’t your cup of tea, and you feel like it is hard to come by things that would make it more in your style, or better said more alternative. Luckily, we live in an era where authenticity and following your own taste are on the rise, thus many options to choose from. Not sure where to start? Not to worry, I have 8 ideas that will certainly level up your whole alternative wedding aesthetic!


Bridal gowns are seen as a signature for the bride, so choosing an authentic dress handwoven with much love and care can be the perfect non-traditional wedding piece you’ve been looking for! If you are open to recommendations, then Poppy Perspective would be my primary choice. Sure, you might think that I don’t know anything about wearing them, and you'd be absolutely right; but I know with certainty that they look incredible and I’ve seen the reactions they entice - leaving everyone awe-inspired! It is mainly because of their Vintage meets Modern Cool kind of vibe but more importantly, every dress is made by hand. What does that mean for you? Every thread is tailored to your body and style, filling you with beauty and confidence - honestly, what could be more important than that?


Let’s be serious for a moment, I mean, you simply cannot say no to these! There is a certain satisfaction when you add grandeur with coloured smoke. Enola Gaye makes amazing multi-coloured grenades for you to leave your mark, not to mention they look brilliant on your wedding photos! Just choose whichever colour you fancy or choose several if you will - the more the merrier; and spice up your alternative wedding.


Planning a Sheffield wedding? Well, I know this amazing place where you can make all of your floral fantasies come to life! Meadows & Mulberry weave incredible artistry that is curated towards your aesthetic requirements, and may I add, they are doing a marvellous job at it! Another thing that makes them special is the fact that they source their flowers from local Sheffield area gardens, making their craft in the spirit of sustainability. When you know that each flower on your wedding was grown with love from passionate people and brilliantly made to fit your style, makes it even more special, doesn’t it?


Is there anything more charming or unique than personalized wedding decor? If you beg to differ, just look at the work of Daydreamer Creative Studio, and be honest, you were sold right away, didn’t you? Chic, retro, modern, you name it, personalized items will always be champs when it comes to alternative weddings. Those banners especially will put such an original imprint on your celebration that is simply memorable! The more bespoke and personalized - the more in your style and unforgettable.

5. retro stationery

Next on the alternative wedding ideas list is time for some retro magic. Always admiring the way gifted artists design their craft by so successfully incorporating different eras. When it comes to having fantastic stationery designs that are not boring, You Me Oui can knock your socks off! I will take the liberty to say that receiving such an invitation might end up framed like an art piece. At least you will be sure that no one will ever lose such a design, and will easily find their way to the venue and exact hour!

6. eye-catching wedding cakes

No non-traditional wedding is complete until there is a cake. Of course, I am not speaking about those classic cakes that you see everywhere, no. I'm talking about those urban, modern, vibrant or dark (whatever you fancy) kind of cakes!This is actually one of those alternative wedding ideas that not only bewitch everyone but will become a focus of admiration on your big day. A favourite in this is Urban Cakehouse. They make contemporary cakes specially tailored to your style. They are not only a joy to behold but you get to feel honoured to even have had the opportunity to taste them. Also if you’ve seen their cakes by now - you know you would be sorry to cut them. If you are planning a Sheffield wedding, have in mind that this brilliant vendor is based exactly there!

7. Piñatas too?

This is a good one, admit it. A fun addition to your alternative wedding that is guaranteed to bring amusement! They can be all shapes and sizes, different colours, anything you want. A bloody brilliant way to entertain your guests with something special, I’d say. Just look at these Pinyatay piñatas, so many designs to choose from or have personalized!

8. Non-traditional venue!!

Never underestimate the power venues have, they partly dictate the style of your wedding so choose them wisely! If you are not a fan of the traditional ones and you feel like your spirit desires something more unconventional, then decide on a special venue that will feel right for both of you. Such an amazingly brilliant venue is The Chimney House, especially perfect if you are planning a Sheffield wedding.

This iconic English landmark is that special flair you’ve been looking for. The way everything works together... bloody hell you have the English industrialism, retro interior, and contemporary charm - now that is really admirable! The gloomy ambience, botanical decor, amazing lights, brick walls, are all weaving a medley of gorgeous visuals. If you seek something special, then this is the thing that will complement your alternative wedding!

I hope that you loved my recommendations and if you are up for all the cool urban chic stuff, then feel free to follow my Instagram @photosbyhash; and discover more alternative inspo with some great local vendors!

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