A Wonderful Winter Wedding | Sheffield Town Hall!

If you've ever at all debated having a city wedding, a winter wedding or even both, see for yourself exactly why you should consider it!

Last Christmas I got the absolute pleasure to witness & be a part of the day where Laura & Paul, two friends that've inspired me for a long time finally tied the knot & lemme' tell you, nothing could've been more perfect about the whole thing!

Held at The Sheffield Town Hall in y'know.. Sheffield.. at my favourite time of year where of course we're all about them early nights, Christmas markets, countless OTT decorations that light up the streets & just the all around festivities! (we'll not mention the coldness, that part ain't fun..) the timing couldn't have been better.

The ceremony was probably the smallest I've been a part of yet it was held in what may be the biggest, most gorgeous/vintage looking room in the whole of Sheffield Town Hall and like straight up, it wasn't packed with a mass amount of guests but even still it felt full of energy the entire time, there was always something going off whether it be Arthur chasing bubbles, the videographers at Fire & Ice running about the place doing what they do best or even just people scouting that sweet champagne! it was everything you'd expect from these two & I mean, thats just the ceremony..

Honestly, It was without a shadow of a doubt one of those 'had to be there' kinda moments but to get an idea, just keep scrolling, see exactly how we took advantage of Sheffields Christmas markets, watch everyone raise a glass to their speeches at Silversmiths, see the floral variety that creates the most stunning bouquet & how they transformed Tamper Coffee (my favourite local coffee shop) into the perfect base for the drunken antics that were inevitably about to take place & best of all, just go see the damn cakes from the unbelievably talented kawscakes (if you wasn't planning on getting married, them cakes alone are enough to change anybodies mind, like I'm just saying..)